New institutes to be opened in Hesekê and Qamishlo, says Jazira Education Commitee

Rohat Xelil, co-chair of the Jazira Region Education and Training Committee, said that Northern and Eastern Syrian universities are opening institutes for students who are on the second preference list.

The Jazira Region Education and Training Committee is preparing to open institutes for students who have successfully completed the 12th grade and are not on the second preference list of Northern and Eastern Syrian universities. In this way, the committee aims to fill the shortage of secondary school branch teachers.

The Institute will provide education in Arabic and Kurdish in Qamishlo and Hesekê. The requirement for admission to the two-year institute will be based on the success rate of the students' 12th grade diploma.

There are 7 departments in the institute: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Kurdish, English, Sports, Painting and Music. Necessary training tools will also be available in these departments.

Speaking to ANHA about the preparation stages of the institute, Rohat Xelil, co-chair of the Jazira Region Education and Training Committee, said: "According to our estimations, the number of students excluded from the second preference list in the Jazira Region is 300."

Providing information about the institute's system, Rohat Xelil said: "We had a shortage of teachers since 2015. After reaching the sufficient number of teachers, we stopped working at this institute. However, we will reopen the institute once again to reach the number of teachers necessary according to the number of students. Then we can only open the sections we deem necessary. The institute is prepared as an academy. However, the curriculum will be different.”

The registration to the institute started on 22 September and still continues.

Rohat Xelil said that the institute will open in the next 15 days and added: “The staff and branch teachers of the institute are ready. In the first semester, students will go through what they have already done, and then they will choose their own department.”