Music lessons in Raqqa

Ferhad Mele, who learned to play the drum by making a tin, a piece of wood and a fishing line when he was 15, now trains musicians in Raqqa.

Ferhad Mele, from Kobanê, teaches musical instruments at Raqqa Culture and Art Center. Students both receive theoretical lessons and learn to play instruments.

Mele started his musical life at the age of 15 with the song "Bûkê Delalê" with a drum he made using tin, wood and fishing line. He is now 45 years old. Mele, who plays tambour, saz and oud, transfers his experiences to new generations. Music instructor Mele gives saz, tambour and oud lessons to 25 people. He develops his musical talents by sharing his passion and knowledge of music with his students.

In addition to teaching students how to play instruments correctly, Mele also teaches the historical and cultural significance of musical instruments. Students increase their interest in music by gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in classes. In addition to giving individual lessons to his students, Mele also organizes group lessons, allowing them to interact with each other. In this way, students both enjoy making music together and learn from each other.

Not just young people

Ferhad Mele's students strengthen their love and devotion to music with the lessons they take. Among its students, there are talented young people as well as elderly people with a passion for music. Mele's students are Kurds, Arabs and Circassians, in a triumph of cultural integration.