Municipalities in Northern and Eastern Syria to be reformed to better serve people

Silêman Ereb, co-chair of the Environment and Local Administrations Board of the Cizre Region, said that a new system will be adopted for municipalities in the future.

Hesekê People's Municipality Conference was held with the participation of 132 municipalities.

Cizre Region Environment and Local Administrations Board co-chair Silêman Ereb told ANHA that municipalities should be reorganized according to Leader Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm.

Ereb said that "democratic representation in municipalities needs to be strengthened to better serve the public."

Ereb described the proposed new system, which is expected to be presented to the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous General Assembly, as follows: “The municipality, the assembly and the co-chairmanship are elected by the people as their real representatives. This would enable municipalities to be financially and administratively autonomous and make their own decisions. Representatives of municipalities will take part in regional and cantonal assemblies.”

He added that the municipalities have reorganized themselves and established their unity across Northern and Eastern Syria. “The organization of all municipalities will be under this union. This step advances the autonomy of municipalities, service provision and democracy.”