Mothers of guerrillas to the KDP: Stop collaborating with Turkey

Mothers of guerrillas in Qamishlo take part in the protests against the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan and criticize the KDP for its collaboration with Turkish fascism.

Another mass protest took place on Sunday in Qamishlo under the slogan: “March of Dignity, Against Occupation and Treason”. The protests are particularly directed at the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan and the support of the Turkish occupation forces by the KDP. Among the protesters are also many mothers of guerrillas fighting against the Turkish invasion on the fronts of Metîna, Avashîn and Zap.

Two of these mothers are Xalya Necar and Menîca Heyder.

"You cannot separate the guerrillas from the people"

Peace mother Xalya Necar said: "The people are the guerrillas and the guerrillas are the people. Today our children are resisting the Turkish state in the mountains of Kurdistan. But the KDP also attacks our children. It is enough. Keep your hands off our children. Don't attack our children. The people and the guerrillas are inseparable. We will support our children till the last drop of our blood. We stand behind the guerrillas. KDP, stay away from our children. When you attack our children, we know no limits, we won't recognize anyone. "

"We will be human shields"

Mother Menîca Heyder said: “For some time there have been again cruel attacks on the guerrillas. The Turkish government uses chemical weapons in its attacks. The whole world and the government of South Kurdistan are silent. We condemn the attitude of the KDP. As mothers, we will always support our children no matter what. We will not give in to the KDP and the Turkish state. If the KDP continues this wrong policy, we as guerrilla mothers will defend our children. We will be human shields if necessary."