Martyr Özgür Kobanê laid to rest in his home town

Martyr Özgür Kobanê, a member of the YPG Anti-Terrorist Forces (YAT), was laid to rest in Kobanê.

Representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the Euphrates Region and hundreds of people bid farewell to Özgür Kobanê (Mihemed Ali), a member of the YPG Anti-Terrorist Forces (YAT). The ceremony was held at Martyr Dicle Cemetery, and was the occasion to pay tribute also to the 7 freedom fighters who fell as martyrs in different places and dates and could not be laid to rest with a ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on behalf of Kongreya Star, Hedla Hesen commemorated the freedom fighters and expressed her condolences to the families of the martyrs.

Hesen said: "The invading Turkish state continues to threaten the security of the region. It is using all kinds of means to break the will of the people."

Arif Bali, from the Martyrs' Families Council, said: "Martyrs are torches that illuminate the path of resistance and struggle. They wrote epics of heroism against the enemy. The Turkish state, which cannot stand the successes achieved against ISIS in Northern and Eastern Syria, is actually trying to avenge ISIS."

After the speeches, Member of the Martyrs' Families Council Ronahî Heco read the martyrdom documents of the martyrs and delivered them to their families.

The names of the martyrs commemorated at the ceremony are as follows: HPG Guerrilla Ebdullah Hemo (Canfeda Welat), Internal Security Forces Member Îbrahîm Hemo, SDF Fighters Sitêf Îbrahîm (Xelîl Sirîn), Mihemed Şêxo, Ebdulfetah Mihemed, Îbrahîm Ebdo (Erdal Qendisbeş).