Manbij people take to streets in protest at Turkish attacks

People of Manbij took to the streets and protested against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state.

Thousands of people in Manbij joined a march to protest against the systematic war crimes committed by the Turkish state in North-East Syrian territories.

The crowd, including representatives of NGOs, political parties and women’s organisations, displayed a banner reading “We condemn the Turkish attacks against Kobane and North and East Syria.”

Speaking at the rally that followed the protest march, Mihemed Xer Şexo, co-chair of the Manbij Executive Council, said, “This is not the first time Turkey attacked our regions. The recently intensified attacks by the Turkish state are intentionally carried out on the anniversary of the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS, revealing the fact that Turkey brought ISIS into this territory and suffered a loss itself when ISIS was defeated. This is why the Turkish state bombards the region every moment.”

Speaking after, Leyla Elewi, a member of Manbij Zenubiya Women’s Bureau, said, “The Turkish state has most recently targeted civilians in Kobane with aerial vehicles. Turkey wants to wipe out the Democratic Nation project and commits crimes against humanity and immoral crimes against the peoples in the region to achieve its goal.”