Kongra Star: ISIS mercenaries are acting under direct command of Turkish state

"Kongra Star does not believe that the murderous mercenaries of ISIS acted alone. There are many indications that they are acting under the direct command of the Turkish state," says Pêncwîn Ali from the Northeast Syrian women's umbrella organization.

The irresponsible silence of the international community in view of the Turkish aggression against the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria is partly responsible for a possible resurgence of the terrorist organization Islamic State. That's what the Kurdish activist Pêncwîn Ali said on Sunday at a rally of the umbrella organization of the women's movement Kongra Star in Qamishlo. The background to the protest was the ISIS attack on the prison in Hesekê.

"Kongra Star does not believe that the murderous mercenaries of the Islamic State acted alone. There is much to suggest that they are operating under the direct command of the Turkish state," Ali said. She added that "the attack on the Sina prison is the high point of cooperation between the leadership in Ankara and ISIS since the military victory over the terrorist militia in Syria almost three years ago. The aim of this cooperation is the destruction of the autonomous administration and thus the end of the Rojava project."

Although ISIS is an international problem, the sole burden has been shifted onto the shoulders of Northern and Eastern Syria, said Ali adding that "it is clear to the entire community that the Turkish state's warlike actions are torpedoing the fight against ISIS and promoting the reorganization of the terrorist group. Nevertheless, silence and doing nothing prevail. We call on the international community to finally take action. Tomorrow may already be too late."

Largest ISIS attack in Northern and Eastern Syria in three years

ISIS cells attacked and attempted to storm the Sina prison in the Xiwêran district of Hesekê on Thursday evening. First, a car bomb was detonated in the vicinity of the facility. After that, the Islamists spread to the surrounding areas and attacked the prison security forces in order to support the riot taking place inside the detention center and allow the prisoners to escape. Fighting broke out.