KODAR: We stand with the Baloch people

Eastern Kurdistan movement KODAR has declared its solidarity with the people in Sistan and Baluchistan. For days the Iranian state power has been brutally acting against the people protesting against the regime. There have already been dozens of deaths.

The Freedom and Democracy Movement of Eastern Kurdistan (KODAR) declared its solidarity with the people of Sistan and Baluchistan in southeastern Iran. The rebellion of the Baloch people against the Iranian regime is a "democratic right" and will spark a nationwide resistance, KODAR said.

Protests against the regime have been taking place in Sistan and Balochistan province since the beginning of the week. The uproar had followed the deaths of ten oil traders in the town of Saravan, who were shot dead by security forces. Numerous state institutions were subsequently stormed by the people. In the days that followed, at least 27 more people were killed.

KODAR called the executions of Baloch oil traders a "great crime against humanity," and offered its condolences to the relatives of the dead.

"If all other peoples in Iran join in the resistance of the Baloch people, the mafia regime in Tehran will be ended," KODAR's solidarity message said and remarked that the Iranian leadership is in a deep social, political and security crisis. "The uprising in Balochistan shows us that the Iranian regime's repression cannot prevent the peoples' demands for freedom and democracy. We stand with the Baloch people," KODAR said.