Jazira Yazidi House members say Yazidi people will continue to resist

The members of the Jazira Yazidi House, who said that the KDP is carrying out a policy against the Yazidis and underlined that they do not accept the KDP's intervention in Shengal.

Jazira Yazidi House members condemned the KDP's attempt to enter Shengal and emphasized that the Yazidis do not want the KDP in Shengal.

Jazira Yazidi House co-chair Farûq Tozo told ANHA that there are many wanting to destroy the Shengal Autonomous Administration. Reminding that the KDP forces and the Iraqi army left Shengal people alone when ISIS attacked them, Tozo said: "Those who extended their hand over the Shengal Autonomous Administration are trying to repeat the sufferings of the Yazidis."

Jazira Yazidi House member Ednan Kalo also underlined that the Yazidis do not accept the KDP's presence in Shengal and added: "The KDP only serves the interests of the Turkish state."

Kalo continued: “The Yazidis won’t accept to go back to 2014. We will not allow any massacre to be repeated. We are ready to resist all threats. In 2014, the Yazidis survived the massacre because they were united. Today, we will continue to resist with unity.”