Invading Turkish state continues to dig trenches around Ain Issa

The invading Turkish state continues to dig trenches and set up positions around Ain Issa in order to connect its bases in the region and increase its power north of the M4 Highway.

Since November 2020, the invading Turkish army has established 5 military bases in the villages of Xalîdiyê, Mielek, Hoşan, El Mişêrfê and Seyda on the M4 Highway heading towards Kobane Canton around Ain Issa. As a result of the bombardment of the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries, villagers were forced to flee.

ANHA news agency revealed that new positions are being built by the occupiers 6 km inside the occupied areas opposite the M4 highway. The positions (built with earth) connect the village of Xerbet Yusif El Dêb to the village of Teyne, west of Ain Issa and the village of Seyda to the village of Xafiye, 3 km east of the city.

The invading Turkish army wants to besiege Ain Issa by connecting its military bases. At the same time, it is trying to cut the north of the M4 Highway from the south area with ditches and positions.

The occupying Turkish state continues to deliver military shipments, including heavy weapons, to its military bases. At the same time, it has installed thermal cameras on its bases as well as a radar system against reconnaissance aircraft.

Dozens of mercenaries from the military bases of the Turkish state moved to villages close to Ain Issa. Eleven civilians lost their lives in the bombardments carried out against Ain Issa and more than 20 were injured.