Invaders blow up the Ezidi centre in Afrin

Historical structures and sites are among the targets of invading Turkish state and allied jihadists in Afrin.

The invading Turkish forces and allied mercenaries have blown up the Ezidis’ Union Centre in Afrin on Tuesday.

The structure, which had already been damaged by Turkish bombardments before, was the place where books on Ezidi faith from Shengal, Syria and the Middle East had been gathered.

In addition, the historical Zardasht statue located in this centre was the only one present in the Middle East.

The Turkish state and gangs acting under their command are systematically committing war crimes in Afrin region since they launched attacks to invade the canton on January 20 and entered the city centre on March 18.

Since the beginning of the savage aggression, hundreds of civilians have been killed and hundreds of others kidnapped. Houses of the local people were looted, bombed and their properties were seized.

A number of historical places were also targeted by the barbaric attacks of invading forces.