International laws allow Autonomous Administration to bring ISIS members to trial

Lawyer Gibraîl Mistefa said that the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria could prosecute ISIS members involved in war crimes based on international laws.

In a written statement on June 10, the Autonomous Administration announced that it would begin the trial of foreign non-Syrian ISIS members for their terror crimes in a way that would guarantee the rights of the victims and their families, based on regional and international laws.

Lawyer Gibraîl Mistefa spoke to ANHA and said: “According to international laws, the Autonomous Administration has the right to prosecute ISIS gangs.”

Mistefa emphasized that there were no political or legal reasons that could prevent the Autonomous Administration from bringing foreign ISIS members to trial. The lawyer said: “Unfortunately, the international community cannot prosecute them. Therefore, if the Autonomous Administration tries the foreign ISIS members relying on international laws, it will be more objective. I think that international political and legal support will be provided for the process.”

Mistefa added: “The Autonomous Administration has the right to try ISIS members at the very scene of their crimes, the region of North and East Syria. These trials must respect international laws and be fair and transparent.”