Internal Security Forces carry out operation against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor

The Northern and Eastern Syrian Internal Security Forces carried out an operation against ISIS gangs that were preparing to launch an attack in Hesekê. One mercenary was killed and 4 were detained.

The Northern and Eastern Syria Internal Security Forces General Command carried out an operation against ISIS gangs that were preparing to attack the prison in Hesekê.

In a statement about the operation, the Internal Security Forces said: "We received information that terrorist groups affiliated with the ISIS organization in Deir ez-Zor were planning an attack on the Sinai Prison in Hesekê. Our forces in the Jazira region launched an investigation with the support of the International Coalition. At the end of the examination, the ISIS cells between Mekemen and Abu Xeşeb in the Deir ez-Zor were identified. At dawn we carried out our operation.”

The statement added that there were intense clashes with ISIS mercenaries, and as a result of the clashes, one mercenary was killed, another was injured, and 4 mercenaries were detained.

The statement also said that a Toyota vehicle, a 4000 type Kia bomb-laden vehicle and a large number of weapons were confiscated.

“The Jazira Region Internal Security Forces General Command, - said the statement - will continue to carry out its security and humanitarian duties. Our forces will fight all forms of terrorism and terrorist supporters. We will be a shield for our people and our country, and we will stand against those who want to disrupt peace and security among our people.”