IDPs from Serêkaniyê wage legal struggle to return home

The displaced people from Serêkaniyê who continue their resistance to put an end to the Turkish invasion of their land are waging a legal struggle for their return.

Two years have passed since the occupation of Serêkaniyê by the invading Turkish army and its mercenaries. The Turkish army used all kinds of banned and advanced weapons including chemical agents in its attacks.

According to the human rights organisations and legal institutions in North and East Syria, at least 150 thousand local people were forced to migrate due to the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state. Civilians who ran away from the atrocities of the Turkish army and its mercenaries and settled in camps in different parts of Syria are continuing their resistance to return home.

The IDPs who are continuing their resistance to remove the invaders from Serêkaniyê are also waging an extensive legal struggle, demanding that the Turkish state be prosecuted for their crimes. In this regard, the Serêkaniyê Refugees Committee, which was established early last August, has documented myriad crimes committed by the Turkish state. The purpose of the committee, which submitted its reports to legal institutions around the world, is to make sure that the Turkish state is legally brought to account.

Introduced after a workshop held in Hesekê, the committee is made up of more than 250 individuals from various segments of society. During the workshop, the objectives of the committee were determined, the most urgent being to bring the Turkish occupation of Serêkaniyê to an end. The committee will also seek to meet the demands and needs of the refugees from Serêkaniyê.

Conducting activities to end the occupation of the Turkish state in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, the committee submits the documents of the crimes committed there to international institutions.

Speaking to ANHA about the activities of the committee, spokeswoman Nûra Nezîr said that they are continuing to document the crimes committed by the Turkish state and are submitting them to international institutions. Dozens of crimes such as theft, pillage, extortion and kidnapping have been committed in the regions occupied by the Turkish state, she said, and added that mercenaries have been transported to Syria through the occupied cities.

Nezîr expressed that the committee has documented 382 abductions since its establishment, and that 90 of the abducted people were sentenced to penal servitude for life by the Turkish state. She revealed that 48 of the abducted civilians were women, and 2 women were murdered by the Turkish state and its mercenaries.

Nezîr noted that the Turkish state also committed the crime of changing the demographic structure in the occupied regions. Moreover, Turkish course materials are taught in schools and the names of many places have been changed into Turkish. The spokeswoman warned that ISIS is becoming active again in the occupied areas.

Nezîr said that they are in contact with several international institutions for the prosecution of the Turkish state. She added that the committee wants the Turkish state to be held accountable by submitting the documents of the crimes committed.