IDP from Idlib: In Manbij we are safe

More and more people from the embattled Idlib region are arriving in the autonomous regions in northeast Syria. They are fleeing both from the Turkish-backed jihadists and the bombardments of the Syrian regime.

More and more people are fleeing from Idlib to the autonomous regions of North and East Syria from the unpredictable bombings by the Russian-backed Syrian regime and the inhumane treatment by Turkish-led jihadist groups.

One of them is Said Henkosh. He came to Manbij from Idlib because it is safe here. The trigger for his family's flight was the actions of the Turkish-backed jihadists and the attacks of the Syrian army, says the 22-year-old. His only wish is peace and security.

Henkosh tells the following on the difficult escape route: "We were afraid both of the attacks of the unscrupulous jihadists and of the bombing of the Syrian regime. Many families have lost their children along the way.”

At each of the checkpoints set up by the jihadists, the family had to pay $200 per person to be allowed through.

"The Turkish state and its militias have exploited us and our demands. We have lost our homes because of Turkey. We live in safety in Manbij. There is no difference between the peoples here," explains Said Henkosh.