HRE announces the death of fighter Karker Efrîn

HRE fighter Karker Efrîn, a member of the Arab community in Rojava, lost his life on a mission in the Afrin region two days ago.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) announced the death of one of their fighters, Karker Efrîn, who died during a mission in the region of Afrin on 16 December.

According to the HRE, Karker Efrîn's real name was Abdurrahman Hassan and was born in the district of Jindires, in the south-west of the Afrin region. He joined the defence forces with the emergence of the Rojava Revolution in 2012.

In 2018, Karker Efrîn experienced Turkey's war of aggression against the Afrin region, which at the time was still self-governing according to the cantonal principle and has been under occupation by the Turkish army and its jihadist auxiliaries ever since. The displacement of hundreds of thousands of people from their homes to the neighboring Shehba region prompted him to join the HRE.

"Comrade Karker was well aware of the reality of the brutal enemy. For the liberation of Afrin, he focused on developing his military skills. The more he got to know himself, the stronger his rage against the enemy and the need to retaliate became. With this in mind, he successfully completed all his tasks until his martyrdom, fulfilling his goals in the long term,” said the HRE.

The statement added: “Thanks to heroes like Karker and their selfless sacrifices, we are where we are today. Every day we come a little closer to our goal of liberating Afrin from the occupiers. It is their memory and their ideals that we take as the basis for our struggle. As companions and friends of the martyrs like Karker, we promise that their dream of living together in a free country will undoubtedly come true. Our condolences go first and foremost to the family of Comrade Karker and the patriotic peoples of our homeland."

HRE announced the identity information of the fallen fighter as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Karker Efrin

First-Last Name: Ebdirehman Hisen

Mother’s Name: Emine

Father’s Name: Mihemed

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Afrin Region, 16 December 2023