HPC: We are ready today as we were yesterday!

HPC, the founding and defense force of the Rojava revolution, is ready to resist the invasion threats of the Turkish state. HPC members said that they will resist the invasion as long as they have a drop of blood left.

With the start of the Syrian civil war and the addition of mercenaries to the fascism in the country, other peoples in the region under the leadership of the Kurdish people in Rojava focused on self-defense.

The social defense, which was founded after the Qamishlo massacre carried out in 2004 by Syrian regime's, was the first step of the defense force of the Rojava revolution.

This system, which was developed to defend the existence, land, identity and culture of the people, became systematic under the name of Social Defense Forces (HPC). This system, which was established with the participation of the people in hamlets, villages, neighborhoods, streets and cities, showed great examples of sacrifice in order to protect the revolution and its gains.

Organised individual, organised society

The HPC, the official and social force of the region with its conference held in Rimêlan in 2015, is now continuing its activities to protect the revolution and its achievements. "Organized individual, organized society" is the slogan of the HPC.

The HPC is composed of around 60% of women and has played an important role in the village, neighborhood, and city public order in the face of possible attacks.

HPC members, organized through the communes, are fighters, members of the public order, and stand beside the YPG / YPJ or SDF. They are a natural authority for the settlement of social events.

People's defense force

The HPC, which has given many martyrs so far, has recently received interest from the peoples of the region following the new threats of occupation issued by the Turkish state.

Serêkaniyê example

In almost every household, at least one HPC vest and gun are available. In Rojava, Serêkaniyê is perhaps one of the places where the greatest resistance is given by its people. The biggest share of the great resistance in Serêkaniyê, which was targeted by the mercenaries linked to the Turkish state in 2013 under the leadership of al Nusra, undoubtedly belonged to this self-defense force.

'We are all standing, big and small'

In Serêkaniyê, which is now one of the places chosen by the Turkish state as a target for the occupation, HPC members continue to prepare for all kinds of attacks.

Emine Mihemed Hesen, a member of the HPC in the city, says that they will never accept the invasion and adds: "As long as we have a drop of blood, we will resist."

'We resisted, we will resist'

"We are all standing today as yesterday. Again, we are ready for resistance as we resisted before," says Xezal Mistefa, adding: "We have a life, we ​​sacrifice our soil and never leave our land to Erdogan."

Meryem Qasim, another HPC member, says: "We will stand together with our fighters until the end. Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and all the people are hand in hand to defend our land. We live on our own land, and if we need to fight for it."

'Victory or a honorable death'

The HPC members do not have the slightest hesitation when it comes to resistance and defending their land. They are ready to pay the price, whatever it may be. 

Bermed Hemid Ehmed said: "We are not afraid of the threats of Erdogan. He trusts the warplanes. We all came from this land and we will return to this land. Either victory or honorable death."