Hol Camp administration explains the reasons for the fire in the camp

The Hol Camp administration issued a press release regarding the fire that broke out in the camp on February 27 and called for increased security measures.

Dozens of tents in the 4th section where Iraqi refugees stay were burned during a wedding held on February 27 in Hol Camp in Hesekê.

Similar incidents have happened frequently in the camp recently and Autonomous Administration security forces underlined that ISIS-affiliated cells are constantly targeting civilians.

More than 22 people have died in different parts of the camp since the beginning of 2021. Most of those people were Iraqi refugees.

The statement of the management said: "On 27 February a fire broke out in the camp as a result of the explosion of a stove. Six people died and approximately 36 people were injured. The camp administration has been working to prevent such incidents from happening. There are four main reasons that need to be solved in order to prevent such events.

These are:

1-The use of diesel instead of kerosine as a heating method. This method was successfully used in Washokanî Camp in Serekaniye.

2- Since the tents burn very quickly, we need to find a mechanism to ensure a fast intervention in case of emergency.

3-Keeping a distance between the tents so that the fire does not spread to the other tents.

4- Preparing special places inside and outside the camp for the injured. Since the hospitals affiliated with the world health organization and international organizations did not treat the people with burns in the camp on the excuse that there is no special departments and necessary medicines for the burns, the injured were treated in the public hospital.

This incident should be a turning point for improving existing measures and preventing such incidents.

We offer our condolences to the families who lost their relatives during the fire.”