Hesekê Canton Water Directorate: Turkey should be exposed to the UN for closing Alouk Station

Hesekê Canton Water Directorate co-chair Nidal Mehmud said that the Alouk Station should be taken back from the Turkish state.

The invading Turkish state and its mercenaries closed the alouk Station, which supplied water to camps such as Hol, Êriş, and Washukani. The international community, especially Russia and the US, remains silent. Until now, no attempt has been made to open the station and provide water to Hesekê.

Speaking to ANHA news agency, Hesekê Canton Water Directorate co-chair, Nidal Mehmud said: “The Turkish state closes the Alouk station every day for different reasons. However, this station should be permanently in activity. The station should not be used as a political blackmail instrument. The Turkish state must withdraw from the Alouk Station."

In order to prevent a humanitarian crisis, after the water was cut off, the Hesekê Water Directorate held talks with the Red Cross, UNICEF and the UN. The fact that the water station is closed during the coronavirus spreading will cause serious problems.

Co-chair Mehmud said: “International institutions do not fulfil their responsibilities. They put forward the pretext of electricity and technical reasons. However, this is not the case. Technical and infrastructural problems can be resolved by the Autonomous Administration. But the Turkish state does not allow this.”

Reminding that the Government of Damascus is a member of the UN, Mehmud said: "The government of Damascus should expose this crime of the Turkish state to the UN. It should condemn the Turkish state in the UN. Cutting water in Hesekê is a serious problem with serious consequences."