Hemrin Hesen: Operation in Hol Camp will establish security

Hol Camp Administration Co-chair evaluated the security operation carried out by the Internal Security Forces against ISIS cells in the camp. He stated that a lot of crimes have been committed in the camp recently and it is necessary to intervene.

Hol Camp Administration Co-Chair Hemrin Hesen evaluated the Security Operation initiated by the Internal Security Forces in the camp.

Hesen said that the operation is being carried out for the security of the camp. “Those who adopted the ideology of ​​ISIS were posing a threat to the security of the camp. ISIS cells were organizing attacks. 47 murders have been committed since the beginning of the year. There was an increase in the incidents in the camp," she said.

'Important for camp security'

The operation is also being carried out for the functioning of the communes and councils in the camp. Hesen said that “activities were almost halted in the camp. We could not provide any service. Workers and institutions in the camp were being attacked. This operation will positively affect civilian activities. Camp management will be able to work more practically to manage the humanitarian activities in the camp."

The Northern and Eastern Syrian Internal Security Forces announced that the Security Operation, carried out with the support of the SDF-YPG-YPJ, is continuing as predicted and will continue until the necessary control is achieved in the camp.

The Internal Security Forces said that a total of 9 people, including ISIS gang members, were detained on the first day of the operation. A gang member known as Abu Seed El Iraqi, who had been engaged in recruiting personnel for ISIS for a long time was also detained.