French delegation visits Northern and Eastern Syria

A French delegation is visiting Northern and Eastern Syria. The delegation received information on the latest state of the fight against terrorism from the Autonomous Administration Foreign Relations Department.

A French delegation consisting of Simon Foreman, member of the Paris Union of Lawyers and member of the National Committee for Human Rights (CNCDH), member of the Rouen Lawyers Union and former Representative of the National Assembly of Trade Unions Richard Sedillot, member of the Paris Lawyers Union and Secretary General of the French Lawyers Without Borders (ASF FRANCE) Matthieu Baggard and French MP Hubert Julien-Laferriere, visited the Autonomous Administration Foreign Relations Office in Qamishlo.

The delegation was welcomed by Ebdulkerim Umer, co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department, and his assistants Ebîr Îlya and Fener Giêt.

During the meeting, Ebdulkerim Umer informed the delegation about the latest situation in the ongoing fight against terrorism in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Umer provided information to the delegation about the ongoing threats by the Turkish State towards the region and the effects of the Til Koçer Border Gate being closed. Referring about the situation of the families of ISIS mercenaries living in the camps, Umer explained the importance of stopping the ongoing attacks of the Turkish State against Northern and Eastern Syria.

Umer also drew attention to the ISIS mercenaries and their families in the Al Hol Camp and stated that if foreign countries agree to take back their ISIS mercenary nationals, this would greatly relieve Northern and Eastern Syria and solve part of the problem.