Final declaration of the SDF Military Council meeting published

The Military Council of the SDF published a final declaration after a meeting held on Wednesday. According to it, the fight against the ISIS continues. The U.S. and Russia were called upon to stop Turkey's crimes in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Following Wednesday’s meeting of the Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a final declaration has been published today, in which the importance of the fight against a revival of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" (ISIS) is pointed out.

According to the declaration, the meeting discussed the continuation of the existing program and the organization of the military forces. The role of the Military Council in the region was also evaluated. The importance of a quantitative increase in military forces, their weapons and equipment and their training was underlined.

The declaration puts emphasis on the need for military forces to be prepared for all developments, and for the SDF to maintain their status within the Syrian security and defence system and enter into dialogue with all relevant bodies to contribute to a political solution”.

The meeting also discussed the agreement reached in Sochi on 22 October under Russian guarantee. The declaration stresses that the terms of the agreement must be fully implemented in practice. The declaration also underlined that Turkey is not complying with the terms of the agreement and is deliberately violating the agreement, an act that consequently threatens the security of the entire region. Most recently, on 12 January, two people died in a Turkish drone attack in Tirbêspîyê region, and other people were injured, it noted.

The Military Council also discussed the agreement between the U.S. and Turkey of October 17. In the declaration it is said that the Turkish state is also violating this agreement, although the SDF have adhered to it.

“Turkey has so far maintained its policy of genocide and demographic exchange. Crimes against the civilian population are committed daily in the occupied territories. Looting is taking place and the homes of the displaced people are being deliberately taken over by foreigners.”

According to the SDF declaration, the mercenary groups backed by the Turkish state are spreading a policy of terror and preventing the displaced people from returning to their homes. The SDF called for the guarantor powers to stop these crimes and to make Turkey abide by the agreements made.

The declaration also draws attention to the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Idlib and Afrin, which was caused by Turkey's intervention in Syria. The General Command of the SDF had previously stated that refugees from Idlib were welcome in northern and eastern Syria and has now pointed out that supply for these people should be provided by groups affiliated to the SDF.

The Military Council of the SDF continues to see the need for coordinated cooperation with the international anti-ISIS coalition in order to prevent the terrorist organization from regaining strength. For the stability and security of the region, cooperation with Russia and the Syrian army shall to be continued.

The declaration ends by stating that the SDF are responsible for justice and the protection of the interests of the entire region.