Families of martyrs continue their vigil at Semalka border

Families of martyrs who have been waiting to be delivered the remains of their guerrilla children at the Semalka Border Gate for 41 days said that the KDP proved its cooperation with the Turkish state.

The tent action launched by the Jazira Region Martyrs' Families Council at the Semalka Border Gate to reclaim the bodies of the guerrillas who fell as martyrs in the KDP ambush has left 41 days behind.

The KDP has yet to deliver the bodies of Martyr Tolhildan Raman and Martyr Serdem Cudi who fell as martyrs in Xelifan on 28-29 August.

Ebdulkerim Ebdurehman, father of martyr Diyar, who fell during the liberation of Raqqa in 2017, called on the KDP to answer to the demands of the families.

Reacting to the silence of the international and human rights organizations about the invading Turkish state's use of chemical weapons, Ebdulrehman said: "Why doesn't the KDP deliver the bodies of martyrs to their families? With this stance, is the KDP trying to hide the Turkish state's use of chemical weapons against the guerrillas?"

Emphasizing that the guerrillas sacrificed themselves to realize the Kurdish people's dreams of freedom and dignity, Ebdulrehman said that no one has the right to stand against the Kurdish people's demands for their legitimate rights.

Ebdulrehman called on the martyrs’families and the activists to continue their protests until they receive the bodies of their children.