Faeza Abdi: Turkey wants to revive the Ottoman Empire project in the occupied areas

Syria Future Party General Assembly member Faeza Abdi said that the Turkish state wanted to annex the region and change its demography, and that the project to be implemented was the old Ottoman project.

The invading Turkish state continues its attacks against the people and their identities in the areas it has occupied. The Turkish state is changing the demography of these areas by implementing a policy of Turkification of the region. It has abolished Kurdish in the universities and schools it opened in the regions it occupies, as it has done in Afrin recently, and made Turkish language compulsory.

Turkish president Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman Empire. The increase in the number of Turkish language departments at the university in Ezaz exposes the policy of the Turkish state. According to the information given by witnesses, the opening of the Turkish language department was not a decision of the administration of Ezaz University, but of the Turkish state itself.

Syria Future Party General Assembly member, Faeza Abdi told ANHA: “After the first and second world wars, the Turkish state's plans and programs continue. Turkey wants to increase its power over the region by putting the agreements it signed before into practice and plundering the regions it occupied.”

Abdi pointed out that the peoples of the region were forced into exile and the families of the mercenaries affiliated with the Turkish state were settled in their place. Turkish laws are now in place. Turkey has implemented a policy of Turkification in the occupied areas, said Abdi, adding that the Turkish flag is now waving in the occupied areas, Turkish language is compulsory and names of place have been turkified.

Abdi said: “By changing their culture and making Turkish culture dominant, Turkey wants to perpetuate its existence, and with the new generation, an irrelevant culture will emerge in the region.”

Abdi added that the project to be implemented is the old Ottoman project, because the Turkish state wants to revive the old Ottoman Empire in the occupied regions. “However – said Abdi - the Turkish state is an occupying force, therefore it cannot take any decision in the occupied areas according to United Nations laws and agreements.”