Damascus government embargo on Shehba causes the death of a child

The brutal embargo imposed by the Damascus government on the region of Shehba in northern Syria has started to claim lives.

The Damascus government has tightened the embargo on the Shehba Canton and is preventing the passage of vital supplies (child milk, fuel, medicine and food, etc.) to the region. Hospitals, education as well as almost all service institutions in Shehba are out of service, while the bakeries in the region are about to reach a level where they cannot be operated. At the same time, education had to be suspended due to fuel shortages and stalled vehicles. 14,500 students were deprived of their education.  

Those who took refuge in the northern Syrian canton of Shehba after the Turkish occupation of Afrin are subjected to the continuous bombardments of the Turkish state on the one hand and the embargo of the Damascus government on the other.

On 2 December, a child named Sozdar Hesen died of cold in Serdem Camp where Afrin IDPs are staying.

Heating problems have increased due to the diesel shortage for days. Electricity is also cut off.

The autonomous administration institutions, especially the People's Municipality, are trying to provide services with the means they have.

The embargo has also severely affected hospitals. In the Avrin Hospital, health units and services other than the emergency unit went out of service due to fuel shortages and power cuts. At the same time, the public cannot find medicines for the treatment of patients.