Civilians including women kidnapped in a village of occupied Gire Spi

Crimes against humanity continue unabated in the Syrian territories occupied by the Turkish army and allied jihadist groups.

According to an ANHA report, the Turkish-backed mercenaries on Tuesday kidnapped several civilians from the village of Hemam Turkmen in the occupied Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) Canton.

The names of some of the abducted civilians are as follows: Mihemed El Keraz from the El Bo Xalid tribe, Cîhad Al Berho and his two brothers from the El Bacêrat tribe, Ehmed Ubêd El Hemdan, Site El Dewan and Najah El Ebid.

In the regions occupied by the Turkish state, crimes against humanity are systematically committed, public property and economic resources are pillaged. A "terror regime" has been established in the occupied areas. The detention of civilians has almost become a daily routine.