Christians from Dêrik: We are establishing a new life with the ideas of Abdullah Öcalan

Christian peoples living in the city of Dêrîk in Rojava stated that they have established a new life with a democratic nation perspective of Kurdish People's Leader Öcalan and said they want Abdullah Öcalan to be free.

Chaldeans, Syriacs and Armenians living in Dêrîk, Rojava, spoke to ANF on the 22nd anniversary of the February 15, 1999 International Conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the importance of the Kurdish leader for oppressed peoples and women.

Seyde Henna Brahim recalled that Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan has been in prison and under persecution for 22 years and said, "We want the freedom of Leader Apo (Öcalan). We, as the Christian peoples in Rojava, will be standing with Leader Apo. Our demand from the European countries, from the United Nations, human rights and legal institutions is to ensure the release Leader Apo."

Nubar Kenco Kunciyan criticized international institutions and European states, saying; "They talk about human rights and democracy, but they act according to their own interests and policies. They turn a blind eye to the brutality of the Turkish state. The Turkish state is also increasing its brutality against the peoples because of these policies. We, as peoples, do not accept this. We want Leader Apo to be liberated."

Elen Eysa Korkis noted that the Turkish state has increased the isolation of Öcalan and attacked guerrillas and peoples abroad. "Ottoman dreams of Erdoğan have been shattered by the Rojava revolution. His dreams are now destroyed by the PKK guerrillas in Gare. The resistance of the guerrillas to the attacks of the Turkish state, which has killed our people, and their victory made us happy," she said.


Seyde Henna Brahim, one of the Chaldean citizens in Dêrîk, drew attention to the fact that the international conspiracy on February 15 was developed due to the intention of hegemonic states such as the USA, Israel and Britain to intervene and dominate the Middle East. "Leader Apo was seen as an obstacle to Turkey’s Ottoman dreams, she said.

“Starting from 1915, the Turkish state committed massacres against Armenian, Syriac, Chaldean, Christian peoples. The Turkish state is against anyone who favors freedom and demands freedom for all peoples. Leader Apo was also subjected to conspiracy because he wanted the freedom of women and peoples and defended human rights. He became the symbol of freedom for all peoples of the Middle East. Therefore, Turkey and the capitalist state have introduced this conspiracy.”

Brahim continued: “As Chaldean people, we are pleased with the Leader's approach to peoples and women. Leader Apo works for women's freedom. He has been in prison and under persecution for 22 years. We want Leader Apo's freedom. As the Christian peoples in Rojava, we stand by Leader Apo. We demand the European countries, the United Nations, human rights and legal institutions to ensure his freedom because he has fought for democracy, for the freedom of the people. He has fought for the freedom of all peoples in the Middle East and the Kurdish people. Öcalan's philosophy of freedom has been adopted by all peoples.

Again, we will resist Turkey's threats against Rojava. Erdogan always threatens us. We will resist these threats and attacks of Erdogan".


An Armenian engineer from Derik, Nubar Kenco Kunciyan stated that Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan was taken prisoner through an international conspiracy because he promoted the democratic nation approach and the free-common life of the peoples.

"The Israeli intelligence was involved in the conspiracy. They wanted to create a big problem and conflict between peoples through the conspiracy," said Kuncice, adding: "Because Abdullah Öcalan wants peoples to join hands and unite. He is a person who promotes a democratic nation. Therefore, big states and Turkey were afraid of his ideas.”

Stating that the people of Rojava and Dêrîk embraced Abdullah Öcalan's philosophy and democratic nation project, Kunciyan continued: "Today, we live together in Rojava, we govern ourselves together. Leader Apo's ideas are social and socialist ideas. We need to work for Leader Apo's idea of ​​a democratic nation to be spread and acknowledged all over the world. Of course, time is also needed, but our efforts are very important.”


Nubar Kenco Kunciyan pointed out that; "European states, all human rights and legal institutions, international institutions are aware of the isolation and the brutal practices that Turkey has developed against our peoples, but they remain silent.

Some institutions go to İmralı and observe the isolation. They see that even Leader Apo's right to meet with his family and lawyers is denied, but they do not speak up. They talk about human rights and democracy, but they act according to their interests and policies. Because of their policies, the Turkish state is increasing its brutality against the peoples. We do not accept this. We want Leader Apo to be freed.”


Syriac Elen Eysa Korkis said; "We live, work and govern ourselves with equal rights. As the Christians and Syriacs living in Dêrîk, we love Abdullah Öcalan's ideas and himself. The Syrian state preserved the rights franted by the French to the Christian peoples. We were not slaughtered as in Turkey. But it was not truly democratic. These were minority rights. But today we speak in our own language in the autonomous administration, our language is officially one of the regional languages, we are provided with education in our mother tongue. We take part in management with our own identity. As Syriacs, we have defense forces today. We have women's defense forces. As Syriac women, we take our place in all institutions of the autonomous administration and in all public life. We did not have such rights during the regime rule. All this happened thanks to Leader Apo's ideas.

I listened to President Apo's childhood stories from a friend of mine. I was very impressed. Especially when his sister was married off in exchange for a bride price, his reaction impressed me. His bond with women is very strong. He invited women to his struggle and gave them the best role in the guerrilla. As Syriac women, we are fighting for women's freedom.”


Elen Eysa Korkis said, "As Syriacs, we embrace President Apo and his ideas. Our rights have been usurped by the Turkish state. Our suffering and our aspirations are similar to the Kurdish ones. Leader Apo's thoughts are not only for the Kurds, but for all peoples and humanity. Therefore, they are also ours.

Leader Apo defends the freedom of women, peoples' rights to life and identity, and laborers. He fights for all peoples to live equally and freely. We, as Syriacs, want to enjoy our language and identity freely without being hostile to anyone. We embrace Leader Apo and demand him to be free."


Eleni Eysa Korkis said; "Turkey has usurped all the rights of Abdullah Öcalan. We want the conspiracy to end and we want Öcalan to be free.”

Korkis pointed out that while the Turkish state increased the isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, it attacked guerrillas and peoples abroad.

“Erdoğan occupied Afrin, Serekaniye and Gire Spi in Rojava. He wants to occupy more territories. He constantly threatens us. But we, as the peoples living in Derik, will strengthen our unity and will not allow Erdoğan's new attacks. The whole world should know this too. With our struggle, we will be free and Öcalan will be free,” she added.