Call for establishment of an international court to prosecute ISIS members in Rojava

An opinion Leader from al-Fadil Tribe stated that international community avoids the responsibilities about arrested ISIS gangs and called for establishment of an international court.

Situation of thousands of ISIS mercenaries arrested after the defeat of the terrorist organization in Baghouz by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) remains ambiguous. Although the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has addressed repeated calls for the international community to act for the prosecution of ISIS gangs, it has not received any positive response yet.

An opinion leader from al-Fadil Tribe, Menaf al-Raja, assessed the issue and remarked that people in the region continue suffering because of ISIS. Referring to the situation in the Hol Camp, he said that ISIS continues the activities of organization. He called for ISIS gangs to be immediately prosecuted and sentenced according to the international laws. He stressed the urgency of prosecution to ensure that ISIS does not pass their radical ideas to children.

Recalling that many countries refuse to take back their citizens from ISIS organization, Raja emphasized the responsibilities of international community and called for an international court to be established immediately for the trial of ISIS members.

Raja lastly expressed that arrested ISIS gangs cause a great burden for the Autonomous Administration and this burden gradually grows up because of economic crisis.