Bêrîvan Îsmail calls on people of Bashur to rebel against KDP's betrayal

The PYD Euphrates Region Assembly co-chair, Bêrîvan Îsmail called for the people of Bashur to rebel against the KDP's betrayal.

Turkey and its mercenaries have been carrying out invasion attacks against Bashur Kurdistan since 23 April. Faced with the heroic resistance of the guerrillas, the Turkish state resorted to the use of chemical weapons. KDP forces, which supported the invasion attacks of the Turkish state, also took part in attacks against the guerrillas from time to time.

Bêrîvan Îsmail, co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Euphrates Region Assembly, evaluated the KDP's policy as betrayal, and called on the people of Bashur to rebel against KDP politics.

Bêrîvan Îsmail told ANHA: "The KDP's attitude is clear and unequivocal. They are trying to eliminate the just demands of the Kurdish people. This betrayal is not the first betrayal by the KDP. In 2014, a great betrayal was committed against the Yazidis in Shengal. The KDP only looks after the interests of the Turkish state."

Calling on the KDP not to pursue personal interests, Îsmail said: "The KDP will sell the people of Bashur as it sold the people of Shengal in 2014. For this reason, the people of Bashur should say stop to this betrayal."

Îsmail added: "An international conspiracy against the Kurdish people is underway. Russia's silence against the attacks is proof of this conspiracy. The Damascus government remains silent on the Turkish state's attacks on Syria. All this indicates a conspiracy. They want to destroy Rojava's status. The Kurdish people should read all these well. The mothers of the Roj gangs must discourage their children from this betrayal. These mercenaries are used in the war against the Kurdish people."