Berekat: Every country should take back its ISIS nationals

Kenan Berekat pointed out that ISIS, which is supported by the Turkish state, has sleeper cells everywhere and said that “international forces must find a solution to the ISIS problem."

Jazira Region Internal Affairs Committee co-chair, Kenan Berekat, said that the attacks against Hesekê Prison were the result of an organized plan for the escape of the detained ISIS mercenaries. He added that "the attacks have shown once again that the ISIS presence in Syria and Iraq is still strong. ISIS has sleeper cells everywhere. Again, there are tens of thousands of ISIS members in the Hol Camp. They are all on alert and ready to attack.”

Berekat spoke to ANF about the attacks on Sina Prison, where 5,000 ISIS detainees are held.

Pointing out that the occupation of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi by Turkey and its mercenaries gives ISIS "power", Berekat said that "the increasing attacks on Kobanê, Til Temir and Ain Issa, are meant to create an environment of crisis. Our struggle against these offensive policies continues with great determination. The SDF and the Internal Security Forces are waging a successful struggle against these attacks."

Referring to the siege policies towards the region, Berekat underlined that such attacks after the closure of the border gates were an anti-Autonomous Administration plan.

As to the danger of ISIS mercenaries escaping from prison, Berekat said that "this poses a threat not only to Rojava but also to the whole world," and added that "the international public opinion has remained silent and has not taken a strategic step until now. This is a danger to the whole world. The International Coalition and international forces must find a solution to the ISIS problem as soon as possible. Temporary approaches should be avoided and every country should take their ISIS nationals back. We call on the international community to find a solution to the ISIS problem as soon as possible.”