Baxoz Water Station being repaired

The Public Services Committee is working to minimise the problems caused by the reduction of the Euphrates river carried out by Turkey. To this end, the Baxoz water station is currently being repaired.

Baxoz water station, established in 2001, was supplying 80 percent of the water needed in Baxoz. The water station has been out of service since Baxoz was occupied by ISIS.

Deir Ez-Zor Municipalities and Public Services Committee took action to overcome the draught and water shortage caused by the Turkish state’s war policies and started repairing Baxoz water station.

Nurdin Salih El Ebid, one of the station executives told ANHA when working at full capacity, Baxoz water station will be able to meet the majority of water need in the region. Informing of the reparation project, Ebid said, “Primarily, exterior walls of the station will be repaired. Afterwards, subsequent to completing the purification plant, an additional room will be built for generators. The station will attain power non-stop in order to function 24-hour a day. Subsequent to reactivation of the station, the water problem caused by the Turkish state will be resolved substantially.”

Adding that big water pumps will also be established in the station, Ebid said that the pumps will supply 160 cubic meter of water per hour. He also said that the water network will be enlarged and the station will be return into service soon.

Mihemed El Taime, a citizen living in Baxoz, said, “Since Baxoz station was out of service, we have been facing a serious water problem. We have been forced to transport the water with tankers.”