Autonomous Administration says continuous Turkish attacks aim at providing support to ISIS

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria said that the continuous Turkish attacks aimed at further expansion and occupation, and at providing support to ISIS.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) issued a statement to the public opinion, underlining the escalation of the Turkish attacks.

In its statement, the Autonomous Administration referred to the international silence, especially by the guarantor powers of the ceasefire, and said: "The attacks are increasingly putting at risk the security and stability of the entire region. Civilian casualties are increasing and so is the destruction of infrastructure.

The Autonomous Administration said that the silence accompanying the increase of Turkish attacks raises doubts about the existence of hidden agreements and added: “While we in the Autonomous Administration condemn the Turkish aggression, we confirm that the attack on Qamishlo and the villages of Amude on Monday happened in the context of the direct war against us and against Syria as a whole, and therefore the silence accompanying this attacks especially by Russia, the International Coalition and other active forces in Syria is a dangerous indicator that things could actually go worse.”

The statement called on the concerned authorities to intervene to prevent the aggression and avert the new Turkish threat of war. The statement also stressed that Turkey aims at further expansion and occupation and at providing moral support to ISIS and its cells. “Operations against cities and against our people and regions are provocative actions aimed at further Turkish expansion and occupation, not to mention the large amount of support and morale that these attacks provide to ISIS.”

The Autonomous Administration said: "The continuation of this aggressive approach will undoubtedly lead to our people standing up and resisting by all means and possibilities in order to preserve their regions, institutions and gains."