'Autonomous Administration is the colour of the peoples'

Regarding the Catalan Parliament's official recognition of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, PYD's Cihan Hiseyn stated that this decision will pave the road for other states to recognize it.

On October 20, the anniversary of the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS, the Catalan Parliament resolved to recognize the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. Cihan Hiseyin, Executive Board Member of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Aleppo, shared his thoughts with JINNEWS on the decision to officially recognize the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syri around the world.

'Autonomous Administration will be the solution'

Drawing attention to the historical process, Cihan said: “We are amid a historical epoch. Meanwhile, the invading Turkish state's daily threats to Northern and Eastern Syria continues. The Turkish state wishes to break the Kurdish people's will. Today, however, the Kurdish people are well-organized in all aspects and have a widely accepted structure in all over the world. In other words, the Kurds have friends around the world today. The Kurds are not in the same circumstances as they were during the First and Second World Wars. The Kurds fought for their survival. The most significant outcome is the Catalan Parliament's decision to officially recognize the Autonomous Administration. Thousands of Kurds have died as martyrs up to the present day. The Autonomous Administration is resisting for a solution to all of the Middle East's and Syria's problems and upheaval. The Autonomous Administration includes all peoples and allows them to sustain their language, culture, and identity. The region's sovereign states do not aim for a solution. They are always causing others to be confused.”

'Autonomous Administration is the colour of the peoples'

Referring to the resistance of the peoples, Cihan said that Aleppo is the most concrete example of this, Cihan continued as follows: “Different ethnic groups coexist in Aleppo's Şêx Meqsud region. This is an illustration of Autonomous Administration. Since the commencement of the Rojava Revolution, several peoples have coexisted in Aleppo.”

'It sets an example for other cities'

Cihan stated that when the Catalan Parliament recognized the Autonomous Administration today, many states would believe in it and that this recognition opened the path for others. In addition, the Autonomous Administration model serves as a model for other cities. They actualize their own will and system, believing in the Autonomous Administration's egalitarian system.

'The main role in the Autonomous Administration is of Women'

Referring to the role of women in the Autonomous Administration, Cihan said, “Women play the most important roles in the Autonomous Administration because they are present in all Autonomous Administration agencies and groups. Especially the co-presidential system was significant for women and society. With the co-chairmanship system, women were able to participate in all aspects of life. If women are the cornerstone of society, they must have a position in society. Women participated in the military, political, and economic fields during the Rojava Revolution. There are several women's movements around the world, yet they are unable to act as they wish. On the other hand, women are present in every field of the Autonomous Administration. Because our method empowers women and inspires them to be faithful. As a result, women seized their position in historical events by their efforts.”