Autonomous Administration develops new projects against embargo

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria develops economic projects to counter the negative effects of the embargo against the region.

All segments of society participated in the Democratic Autonomous Administration which was established with the Rojava revolution. Occupation forces have been attacking the Autonomous Administration ever since. The occupation forces which failed to destroy the Autonomous Administration by military means are now attacking the people of the region also by imposing a serious embargo against them.

All the border gates to Northern and Eastern Syria have gradually been closed. Til Koçer Border Gate, one of the most important in the region, was closed following the veto of Russia and China in the United Nations Security Council. Most recently, the El Welîd and Peşxabûr Border Gates in Bashur (South) Kurdistan were also closed by the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) with various excuses.

The co-chair of the Agriculture and Economy Committee of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, Selman Barûdo, spoke about the economic crisis caused by the embargo against the region. “The embargo has bad consequences not only in terms of the economy but also for humanitarian assistance.”


Barûdo noted that the Autonomous Administration has made major efforts to lift the embargo against the region and added that the Til Koçer Border Gate is of vital importance to the region and major efforts have been made to reopen it.

Despite the embargo, the Autonomous Administration has established a vast number of businesses in order to remain self-sufficient and to meet the needs of the region. Thanks to new projects, the Autonomous Administration has employed young people and downscaled the dependence of the region on foreign sources.

Ebdulqadir Hoban, who is the manager of one of these projects, poultry farm Mefqes, said that they produce an average of 1.500 eggs a day and put them on the market in Hesekê canton. Hoban stated that the project meets an important need of the region at a time when the border gates are closed, and also prevents opportunists in the market.


The Autonomous Administration opened the ‘My Sun’ spring water facility in Tirbespiyê last October.

The cheese and yoghurt plant in Derik which satisfies the needs of the entire market of the region was opened on 30 May 2021. These projects also develop the region economically with the employment opportunities they have offered.

The first olive oil soap factory in the region was opened in Qamishlo on 26 January 2021. The factory produces 300 tons of soap per day.

Last December, a large textile mill was opened in Hesekê with the support of the Autonomous Administration.

“Production of agricultural products and supply of raw materials is our priority for the development of our industry. The economic policies of the Autonomous Administration do not rely on foreign economies, which allows the region's economy to remain self-sufficient,” Barûdo said.

The economic projects developed by the Autonomous Administration are reducing unemployment rates. The Autonomous Administration increases production with the incentives it offers to the people of the region. Thanks to agricultural subsidies, animal husbandry has become a popular branch of activity in the region.