Autonomous Administration condemns statement by new Swedish Foreign Minister

The Autonomous Administration expressed discomfort with the Swedish Foreign Minister's statement regarding support for the Kurds in Syria and hoped that Sweden would maintain its respectable stance in the international community.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) Foreign Relations Department made a statement regarding the statement by Sweden's new Foreign Minister, Tobias Billström.

The statement by the AANES Foreign Relations Department reads as follows:

“As the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria and all components, we are fighting against terrorism with all our units, the Autonomous Administration, military, civil and security institutions in cooperation with the International Coalition. In this context, we have made many sacrifices and, on this basis, our relations with many states have strengthened. Thanks to these sacrifices, international states supported our people. This shows that our struggle is a struggle for stability and peace for the world and humanity. In this context, a friendly and cooperative relationship was established with the Swedish government and its people supporting the region.

Sweden is a state with a democratic heritage and values. It supports the struggle for democracy of oppressed peoples. On this basis, our relations were established with the improvement of security and the creation of a democratic solution for the country. Sweden showed its support to the people of the region for the implementation of a humanitarian and political solution in Syria. This attitude of the Swedish people is worth appreciation and respect.

'Fight against global terrorism continues'

Unfortunately, we heard the statement of Sweden's new Foreign Minister, Tobias Billström, saying that he does not support the Kurds or the YPG. Northern and Eastern Syria and its military forces are fighting against ISIS with the support of the International Coalition. It is sad to hear such a statement by the Swedish foreign minister to please the invading Turkish state and be accepted into NATO. We understand Sweden's interests well, but it is wrong to protect its interests at the expense of our people, who are still fighting against global terrorism. Right now, our people need your support to defeat these terrorist forces. This withdrawal of support for Northern and Eastern Syria is an act against democracy and the values ​​of the fight against terrorism. This is surrendering and bowing to the Turkish state. As a result, the Swedish state will partner with the invading Turkish state's policies towards us and the people of the region and the Turkish occupation in the war against terrorism.

We expect the Swedish government not to violate democratic policies and maintain its place in the international community. If this happens, it will be an act that does not befit the Swedish government, its historical relations with the Swedish people and our people, and it will not suit their values ​​of supporting oppressed peoples. The Swedish government has to maintain a constant relationship with the peoples.”