Autonomous Administration condemns attack by Turkey in Kobanê

The Autonomous Administration said in a statement that the attack by the invading Turkish state in Kobanê shows that they tried to destroy the gains made by the people and to avenge ISIS.

A drone belonging to the invading Turkish army targeted a civilian vehicle in Kobanê city center on Wednesday. In the attack, 2 civilians were killed and 3 others were injured.

Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration issued a statement regarding the attack and said: "Kobanê Autonomous Administration Social Justice Council co-chair Bekir Cerade and 2 civilians were injured, while two Autonomous Administration employees were killed when a drone belonging to the invading Turkish state targeted the vehicle of Cerade on Wednesday. This attack shows that the Turkish state continues its brutal attacks against our people."

The statement added: "This attack, carried out while Turkey continues to threaten to attack the region, proves that the Turkish state supports mercenaries and terrorists. Turkey is actually trying to avenge ISIS by working to destroy the gains made by our people and the International Coalition."

The statement continued: "The Turkish state supports terrorism and seeks the disintegration of the country through its attacks, threats and crimes in the occupied regions. It limits the solution efforts and intra-Syrian agreements. This situation poses a threat to the future of the Syrian people. For this reason, we call on Russia, which has the role of guarantor in the region, the International Coalition, the international community and the United Nations (UN), to fulfil their duties, to prevent attacks, and to hold the Turkish state accountable for violating the recent agreements."