Attacks on northern Syria continue

The Turkish army and its mercenary groups are again attacking villages around Manbij and Ain Issa. Two artillery shells of unknown origin hit Shaddadi on Tuesday.

According to the Manbij Military Council, the Turkish army attacked the village of Mahsanli (also known as al-Mohsenli) with artillery. The district of Ain Issa, the village of Mielek and the M4 highway, as well as the Ain Issa refugee camp were also targeted with heavy weapons attacks. During the night, two artillery shells also hit the town of Shaddadi (Şeddadê) near Hesekê from an as yet unknown direction.

Turkey has expanded its attacks on the region during the Ukraine war. On Tuesday morning, a house in Tel Rifat was attacked by a Turkish drone. Such attacks constitute war crimes, but are apparently at least tolerated by the international community.