Attack by occupation forces injures a civilian in a village of Ain Issa

The Turkish state has been carrying out violent attacks against Manbij, Til Temir and Ain Issa since the launch of the SDF Operation Security Reinforcement against ISIS and criminal elements in Deir ez-Zor region on 27 August.

Attacks by the Turkish army and its Islamist proxy forces against the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria continue increasingly.

According to reports from the ground, the village of Abu Nitina was attacked by the occupation forces on Wednesday afternoon.

The attack injured a villager named Macid İbrahim Eli.

Largely unnoticed by the Western public, Turkey is waging an open war against northern and eastern Syria, bombing civilian settlement areas, autonomous administration facilities or units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on a daily basis.

Ain Issa is located south of the Turkish occupation zone in northern Syria and is of strategic importance as a link between the self-governing Euphrates regions with Kobanê in its center and Jazira. Since 2019, the city has been in the crosshairs of Turkey and its Islamist proxy forces as part of a war of attrition, with phases of high intensity alternating with phases of low intensity.

Dozens of villages in the region have already been destroyed and depopulated by Turkish military violence. A Turkish air offensive last November reduced large parts of the infrastructure to rubble and ash.