Attack by occupation forces destroys a mosque near Ain Issa

Mortar shells fired from the Turkish occupation zone Girê Spî hit a village near Ain Issa last night and partially destroyed a mosque. The attack also caused a breakdown in the village's electricity supply.

Artillery and mortar attacks carried out from the Turkish occupation zone Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) in northern Syria hit the mosque in the village of Cehabîl near Ain Issa on Sunday night. The prayer house was partially destroyed by the artillery fire. The village's power supply also collapsed, as the lines were also badly hit.

Several villages along the strategic M4 road, which was reopened for civilian traffic at the beginning of the week after negotiations between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the regime in Damascus, were also attacked last night. There is no information on human casualties or material damage.

The town of Girê Spî represents a border corridor with Turkey and has been under the occupation of the NATO partner and its invading troops of jihadist militias since October 2019. Every day, the regions in the north-east Syrian autonomous area are attacked as part of Turkey’s efforts to annex them to the occupation zone.