At least 9 killed as HRE hit occupiers in three regions

At least nine jihadists have been killed in retaliatory actions by HRE against the Turkish occupying forces and their Islamist proxies in Afrin, Mare, al-Bab and Azaz.

At least nine members of the invading forces were killed in retaliatory actions by the Afrin Liberation Forces (Hêzên Rizgariya Efrînê, HRE) in the occupied territories of northern Syria.

According to the HRE statement detailing their latest operations from 17 to 25 May, HRE carried out two sabotage actions against soldiers of the Turkish army and their Islamist proxies in Afrin on May 17. Jihadist leader Abu Amir Til Rifat and another mercenary were killed here, while the number of soldiers killed or injured could not be determined.

On the same day, HRE fighters targeted Turkish-backed militias in Azaz. The result of the action couldn’t be clarified.

On 18 May, four jihadists were killed as result of an HRE action in Mare. On the other hand, a Turkish-backed mercenary was shot dead in the al-Bab region.

On 19 May, HRE carried out a sabotage action against Turkish proxies on the road between the villages of Çeqela and Alkana in Afrin’s Shiye district. One jihadist was killed, another was injured and one vehicle of the occupying forces was destroyed.

On 23 May, a Turkish-backed mercenary was killed in a sabotage operation near the Acer bridge in Afrin. The same day, a mercenary was shot dead in Mare.

On 25 May, a sabotage action took place at a checkpoint of the occupation forces in the Mahmudiya neighborhood of Afrin. A jihadist vehicle was destroyed, and there is no information about the dead and injured. Also on May 25, HRE carried out a sabotage action on the road between Afrin and Azaz, which caused material damage.

The HRE also report that the attacks of the occupation forces on villages in Afrin and Shehba regions continued unabated and targeted civilian areas.