Arab fighters at SDF academy: We stand together against invasion

SDF volunteers from the Arab community say they will be standing together against Turkish occupation.

Arab fighters receiving treatment at the academies of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are not only learning how to use all kinds of weapons but also receiving ideological and political instruction on the history and culture of the Kurdish and Arab peoples.

All the fighters attending the training at ‘Martyr Çekjin Academy’ in Ain Issa are made up of Arab youth.

The young Arab volunteers from Raqqa, Tabqa and Ain Issa are being trained to fight the occupation forces and to defend their lands against Turkish occupation.

One of the fighters is Siwar Tebqa who stresses that they will be protecting the fraternity of peoples while defending their land against the invaders.

Another fighter named Hanî Mehmud Elhoşî says they are getting equipped to protect their land from the Turkish invaders and mercenaries and to liberate the occupied territories.

Baran Reqa remarks that they hold their head high with their Kurdish brothers and sisters, adding; “As SDF fighters, we will be standing with anyone oppressed anywhere. We will be standing together against Turkish occupation.”