Another civilian abducted in Turkish occupied Afrin

Mercenary forces in Afrin, controlled by the Turkish intelligence service MIT, abducted yet another civilian in the Turkish occupied Afrin canton in northern Syria.

The occupation forces exercise a regime of terror over the Afrin region. The civilian population is often at the mercy of displacements and abductions without protection. The kidnappings are part of the occupation's policy to drive out the Kurdish population and also serve to finance the mercenaries through ransom extortion.

According to reports from the ground, the invaders have kidnapped a civilian from the village of Maske in the Rajo district. The aftermath of the abducted civilian is unknown.


A terror and oppressive regime has been established in Afrin, which has been under Turkish occupation since March 2018. Crimes such as kidnapping, execution, torture, looting, and forced migration have become daily routine in the city where war crimes are rampant.

Since the beginning of September, civilians have been kidnapped in Afrin on almost daily basis. Human rights organizations have not yet published a report about the issue, but local sources reveal that dozens of people have been abducted.

According to the Afrin Human Rights Organization, the occupation forces kidnapped at least 101 people in Afrin between July 29 and August 23. 17 of them were women and 3 of them were children.

The organization said that the Turkish state and its mercenaries ask for ransom for the civilians they abducted and their aim is to complete the demographic change by displacing the local population.