Al Hewas and Afadile tribes leaders call on young people to return to their country

Opinion leaders of the Al Hewas and Afadile tribes in North-East Syria called on Syrian refugees to return to Rojava, where "a new system is being built."

Syria's Al Hewas Tribe Opinion Leader Deham Al Shibli and Afadile Tribe Opinion Leader Mustafa Al Abde said: "The Turkish state has deceived our young people with false promises and sent them to battlefields in Libya, Afghanistan. The Turkish state is working hard to evacuate Syria. Our country is the address of a dignified life. Our youth and people should not be deceived by these special war practices."

Speaking to ANF, El Hewas Tribe Opinion Leader Deham Al Shibli pointed out that the Turkish state carries out a migration policy in the region for its own interests, and added that European countries like Germany also opened their doors to young refugees to benefit from the brain drain and the energies of the youth.

Stating that the Turkish state is working hard to evacuate Syria, especially Rojava, Al Shibli said: "Some people say that it was self-defense that caused migration. However, this is not true. The Turkish state resorts to such special warfare methods to evacuate Syria, especially Rojava. As we already know, the Turkish state deceived many people with false promises through gang groups and sent them to Libya, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and many other places.”

Al Shibli called on Syrian refugees to take care of their country and added: "We are calling on young people to take care of their country. All vital needs can be met and working opportunities in the country are increasing. Our country is getting better and better every day. Let's be aware of the fact that others' countries will not be our country, and other people's homes will not be our homes."

You are the owners of these lands

Al-Hewas Tribe Opinion Leader Deham Al Shibli continued: "The resistance shown against the attacks carried out by the Turkish state against us and our lands once again proved to everyone that we will not bow our heads no matter what. We have no fear of death. The Turkish state can never be trusted. Throughout history, many massacres have been committed against our people on our lands. As opinion leaders, we support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). We are ready to join the battle with our fighters. We will not give either Raqqa or an inch of Rojava's land to the enemy. We are the owners of this land. We will never accept the presence of the enemy on our soil."

This country offers a honourable life

Afadile Tribe Opinion Leader Mustafa Al Abde pointed to the migration in the region and its causes, and said: "The peoples of the region live in peace and security. However, migration is taking place in our region too. Young people migrate, especially at a time when the country needs them the most. The Turkish state is behind this migration. The Turkish state is carrying out such a policy to empty the region."

Al Abde said: "Young people in our region are the defenders of these lands. As opinion leaders, we call on those who have migrated to return to their country. Our lands are very valuable and we must protect these lands."

Rojava is constantly developing

Al Abde reminded that "the brotherhood of the peoples here is an example for the whole world. The Turkish state has no right to occupy our country and our lands. Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî have been occupied by Turkey which dreams of realizing its dirty Ottoman dreams. As tribes and opinion leaders, we stand together with SDF forces against all this."