Afrin Canton Assembly: Turkey attacks Kobane to avenge ISIS

The Afrin Canton Assembly said that the invading Turkish state attacked Kobanê to avenge ISIS and called on the Kurds abroad and their friends to reclaim the city.

The invading Turkish state escalates its attacks on North and East Syria. Most recently, on August 16, Turkey bombed the Kobanê city centre and its villages to the east and west. While a child was martyred in the Turkish attack, 5 citizens were injured.

The Afrin Canton Assembly made a statement in the Serdem Camp in Shehba Canton with the participation of institutions and assembly members in the region and dozens of citizens.

The statement made in Kurdish and Arabic languages was read out by Afrin Canton Assembly Co-Chair Mihemed Remeden and Afrin Canton Assembly member Arîn Elî.

The statement pointed out that the Turkish state carried out numerous massacres such as Geliyê Zîlan, Maraş and Roboski so that the Kurds would not have a political status. “For more than 4 years, Turkey has been carrying out a genocide and demographic change in Afrin,” it said.


The statement noted that since the people of North and East Syria established their autonomous systems and governed themselves, the Turkish state, led by Erdoğan, threatened the Autonomous Administration and sought to realize their neo-Ottoman dreams by invading more territories.

“Kobanê is the beginning of the defeat of ISIS and Erdogan received a nasty blow by it. Recently, Erdogan has been attacking Kobanê and the Autonomous Administration to avenge ISIS,” the statement said.

“Bloodsucker Erdogan has become more aggressive and is targeting citizens with continuous airstrikes. Most recently, it carried out attacks on Kobanê, Amude and other regions. As a result of the attacks, numerous citizens, including children, were martyred and many others were injured.”


Condemning the silence of Russia, the US and the International Coalition, the Afrin Canton Assembly said their silence shows that they are partners to the Turkish attacks.

The Assembly called on all the Kurdish people and their friends around the world to reclaim Kobanê and the Autonomous Administration, and to take to the streets to demand the closure of the airspace of North and East Syria.