Afrin Activists Network documents at least 21 murders in Afrin

The Afrin Activists Network has documented at least 21 murders in Afrin occupied by the Turkish state since 2018.

In a report, the Afrin Activists Network has documented at least 21 murders since the Turkish occupation in Afrin.

The report, which covers the period from the beginning of the occupation to the end of May this year, contains the names and photographs of 21 people, including women and children.

It is claimed that the real figures remain unclear since independent organizations are not allowed to enter the occupied region and access to information is prohibited.

“The invaders have used all kinds of weapons in their attacks. Radical jihadists from militant groups such as ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra have been deployed to the region. The invaders and mercenaries have been targeting civilians since March 18, 2018, in order to eliminate every Kurd in the city,” the report said.

“Turkish forces and mercenaries seek to displace the Kurds in Afrin and to seize property of the local residents by engaging in torture, kidnapping and murders,” it continued.

“The crimes committed by the Turkish state in Afrin are rampant. However, the press is prevented from revealing these crimes in Afrin,” the report added.