Abdi: If Kurds don't get support, ISIS could grow stronger

The Commander General of Democratic Syrian Forces, Mazlum Abdi said the Kurds felt that they were abandoned by the world despite defeating the ISIS gangs. He warned that ISIS gangs could grow stronger.

Swedish State Radio (Sr) Middle East correspondent Cecilia Udden interviewed Mazlum Abdi, Commander General of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Abdi criticized countries that remained silent on developments in Northeast Syria and did not provide enough support for the rebuilding of the country.

Udden reported that Abdi said that although military conflict is over, challenges still remain and that the Kurds feel abandoned by the world.

Ideological struggle against ISIS gangs is more difficult than military warfare, according to Abdi who pointed out that time, resources and engagement are needed, adding "The Islamic State is the common problem of the world and it is in everyone's interest to fight the Islamic State's ideology."

Abdi informed about the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces to save former ISIS members and their children from false Islamic ideas in the wake of the war. He further stated that they would establish 16 new centers in northern Syria in order to purify ISIS gangs from radical thoughts. Udden revealed that there are de-radicalization centers for children who have been trained militarily to kill on behalf of ISIS.


Underlining the need to open new centers for women, children and other prisoners, the SDF Commander General stated that Kurds do not have the resources and experts needed for this. He warned that if the people's needs for work, social services, electricity and water are not met, ISIS gangs could grow stronger again.

Udden noted that 53-year-old Abdi is a general who defeated ISIS gangs and that ISIS gangs suffered a huge defeat in Kobanê, Abdi’s hometown, and that this was a turning point for Kobane's liberation.