Özgür TV in Rojava pays tribute to journalist Seyit Evran

Özgür TV's workers in Rojava expressed their deep sorrow for the death of journalist Seyit Evran and said that they will continue to transform his 30-year experience into the power of the free and socialist press and convey it to all the oppressed people.

Özgür TV’s workers in Northern and Eastern Syria paid tribute to Seyit Evran, a 30-year-old journalist who died on 22 September, with a written statement.

Özgür TV workers expressed their condolences to YRA members, family and friends, the workers of ANF. In their statement they said: “We, as employees of Özgür TV in Rojava, have learned that our valuable journalist friend, a free, patriotic press worker Seyit Evran has passed way. We would like to state that we are deeply saddened by his death. First of all, we express our condolences to all Fırat News Agency (ANF) workers, Free Press Association (Yekîtiya Ragihandina Azad-YRA) members, patriotic press, friends and family.”

The statement continued: “Our comrade Seyit Evran, who started his journalism activities in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan, blending his work with the dream of a free world and a free Kurdistan, made great efforts in establishing a free patriotic press. He fought for the development of a free, revolutionary press against the hegemony of the bourgeois press. On this basis, he assumed critical duties and responsibilities in important processes in Bakur Kurdistan. Like his struggle for four parts of Kurdistan, he made an important effort to introduce and tell about the Rojava revolution to the people of the world. He did not hesitate to offer his knowledge and experience in the development of press activities in Rojava.”

The statement added: “As socialist journalists operating in the territory of the Rojava Autonomous Administration, we state once again that we will continue our free-socialist press work and continue the struggle of Seyit Evran and dozens of our martyr patriotic journalist friends.

Our comrade Seyit Evran carried out journalistic activities for 30 years of his life to explain the facts and the Kurdistan freedom struggle to the oppressed peoples. We will continue to transform his 30 years of experience into the power of the free and socialist press and transfer it to youth, women and all the oppressed.

We remember our comrade Seyit Evran with great gratitude and respect!”