581 students graduate from Rojava University

Rojava University Co-President Ebdulîllah El Mistefa congratulated the graduates, saying that the main objective of the graduates should be to fight against terror and racism.

A graduation ceremony was held for 581 students who have just finished their studies at Rojava University. The ceremony at the Klasiko Stadium in Qamishlo was attended by the families of the graduates, as well as representatives of civil society organisations and military institutions.

The opening speech that followed a minute of silence was made by Rojava University Co-President Ebdulîllah El Mistefa, who defined the graduation of students as a historic day. He emphasised that society needed a change which -he added- would be made possible by the younger generations.

Addressing the graduates, El Mistefa said that everyone should struggle to be worthy of martyrs. El Mistefa called for priority to be given to studies for Kurdish to be an academic language, saying the following to the graduates: “I would like you to know that we expect a great change from you.”

Speaking after, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Executive Council Co-Chair Cozêf Lehdo said, “Our enemies were claiming that the Autonomous Administration universities would not succeed. However, we see today that a major achievement has been gained owing to the labor of academic staff. The main objective of the graduates should be to fight against terror and racism.”

Rojava University Students Assembly Spokesperson Selwa Ebûd also spoke and stressed that students have resisted and succeeded despite the plans of the enemy forces.

Following the speeches, the 581 graduates were given plaques of graduation. 24 students who finished their studies at the Mesopotamia Academy were also given a plaque.

Following the graduation ceremony, which was concluded with the performance of artist Osman Faris, the crowd visited the Delîl Saroxan Cemetery of Martyrs.