33 cases of abduction and arrest recorded in Turkish-occupied Afrin in November

The occupying Turkish state and its gangs, which were involved in 33 cases of kidnapping and arrest against civilians in Afrin in November, extorted 5 million 400 thousand dollars from farmers during this period.

In a statement released by the Afrin-Syria Human Rights Organisation on the inhumane crimes committed by the Turkish state and its gangs against the occupied Afrin region in 2018, it was said that 33 kidnappings and arrests took place in November. On the other hand, 15 people from Afrin and Shehba were injured in continued attacks against the region.

The Human Rights Organisation stated that the construction of colonial houses, started by the Watan organisation in Mabeta district in line with the instructions of the Turkish state's policy of changing the demographic structure has been completed. Accordingly, the colonial area of 'Qeryet Besme' built in Şadirê village of Şêrawa district is gradually expanding.

The Human Rights Organisation stated that the Turkish state, not content with its policy of demographic change, is destroying nature in the olive fields of the citizens it seized in Afrin region. The gangs sell the downed trees to traders, steal the products of the citizens and extort money from the locals.

According to the statement, the Sultan Suleiman Shah (al-Amshat) gangs extorted 5 million 400 thousand dollars from Kurdish farmers in the districts of Mabeta and Shiyê in November alone.