3 gangs killed, 6 civilians wounded in ongoing clashes in Girê Spî

The clash that erupted between the gangs in Girê Spî Canton yesterday, continues. While 3 gangs were killed in the fighting, 4 gangs and 6 civilians were wounded. Wounded gangs were taken to Turkish hospitals.

The fighting between Jabha al-Shamiya and Ahrar al-Sham gangs in Girê Spî Canton, which is under the occupation of the Turkish state and its gangs, continues since yesterday (3 December).

According to the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) citing local sources in the region, 3 gangs were killed in the clash in which medium automatic, individual, artillery and tank weapons were used, while 4 other gangs were wounded and transferred to a hospital in Turkey.

At the same time, 6 civilians from the local population who were heading towards the village of Jazla from the conflict area were wounded, the source said. According to reports, the Jabhat al-Shamiya group under the control of a gang called Raêd al-Dehish has been stationed near the picnic area in the town of Eyn al-Arûs, while the Jabhat al-Shamiya gangs under the control of Abu Amir remain in the Îskan neighbourhood south of Girê Spî.

The reason for the conflict between the gangs is unknown so far. It was also stated that there is a curfew throughout the canton.